10 make-up hacks for glasses wearers

Create looks with specs appeal

Lashes touching your lenses? Unsure which lippie shade complements your frames? Never fear, as we have 10 handy hacks when it comes to make-up for glasses wearers. These little tips and tricks mean you can create any make-up look with confidence, so get ready to add these to your make-up arsenal.

Sitting pretty

Before applying any make-up, pop your glasses on to see where they sit on your face and what they cover. This will save you wasting any precious time applying heavy foundation to these areas, which may rub off during the day.



Ready for your close up

If you have sight problems then invest in a good magnifying mirror to help apply your make-up, and remember to set your foundation with powder to help keep your look in place throughout the day. Extra hack: apply a touch of primer to your nose to help stop your glasses from slipping.


The shade of it all

Glasses casting a shadow under your eyes? Apply a corrector and concealer a shade lighter than your foundation, as this will help to significantly brighten your under eye area and eliminate that shadow effect.


No, you're blushing!

Unsure if it’s glasses on or off for applying blusher? Keep them on and use the rim of your frames as a guide of wear to apply a pop of pink. If you’re worried about it rubbing off, then try a liquid blush and dab on gently using your fingers.


Nice & neutral

Make it all eyes on you by keeping your eye shadow neutral, with nudey-pink shades. Try to avoid applying eye shadow beyond your frames, as this may clash and jar with the top line of your gorgeous specs. Try adding a dab of highlighter on your brow bone instead.


Line it up

Add even more drama to your eyes with a sweep of eyeliner. The rule is, the thicker the frame the thicker the liner, so don’t be afraid to go a little bolder. Why not get creative with eye liner shades to match your frames? Hello green and blues.


Here come the curls

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara, as this will help avoid the dreaded lashes-on-lenses scenario. Simply tilt your head back to avoid clamping your skin (ouch!), then when you’re happy that you’ve caught all your lashes, simply press down gently for 10 seconds. Then it’s hello curled lashes.


On the lash

Our top tip is to use volumising mascara, rather than a lengthening one, as it will help create a dramatic look without touching your specs. Keep an eye out for long-wearing and smudge-proof formulas too.


Brows about that?

Glasses or not – your eyebrows help to frame your look, so keep them looking groomed by gently combing through, before filling in with a brow pencil and finishing off with a coat of brow gel to help keep them in place. Extra top tip: use your glasses as a guide and never take your brows past the end of your frames.


Matchy matchy

It’s the age old question – should you match your lipstick shade to your frames? We say… yes! You could even try mixing it up with a bright pink lippie and red frames, or if you’re unsure then a nice nude always sits well. As with all make-up looks, a spritz of setting spray goes a long way in helping to lock your look in place (Just remember to take your specs off before doing so!)