Contact lens myth busters


Don’t let common myths about contact lenses put you off trying them. Whether it's the belief that in order to wear contact lenses you need to physically touch your eye or that they won't be comfortable, most of us will have some preconceptions about the world of contact lenses.

Below we've gathered some of the most common myths around contact lenses and spoken to contact lens wearers to understand their early concerns and how they took their first steps towards using them.

Now I'm in my forties my eyesight has changed, can I still wear contact lenses?

Yes. If you’ve started noticing changes to your eye sight and are struggling to focus up close, multifocal contact lenses could be the answer

Are contact lenses comfortable?

Most contact lenses are made from materials that are extremely soft and flexible. With the correct lens choice, many people can’t even feel them once they are in.

Do I have to touch my eye?

This is a very common myth, but when put in and taken out correctly, it’s only ever the lens itself that you’ll touch.

Can contact lenses get lost behind my eye?

No. A membrane connects your eye to your eyelids preventing anything from getting behind your eye. So it’s impossible for a contact lens to get lost there.

Frequently asked questions

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