Gifts for Dad

Play it (daddy) cool & buy a gift that really gets them

Whether he passed on his classic dad dancing to you from an early age, remains the chauffeur for those early morning airport runs, or is simply the main man in your life – every dad deserves something special.

Maybe he’s a secret adrenaline junkie, so an experience day would go down a treat. Or perhaps he’s had his eye on that fragrance for a while, so now’s the time to spoil him with his favorite scent.


Certain smells can take you back to some great memories, so why not create some more with a fab fragrance for Dad? This must be the go-to-gift for every man in your life, right? You can either treat him to something brand new – maybe he’s always wanted to try something a little muskier or something more daring, so bring out his brave side with a new scent. Or if it isn’t breaking then don’t fix it, and top up on his favorite fragrance from our great range

Grooming tools

Get into the groom and treat him to a new shaver or trimmer, as sometimes buying a gift for Dad doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel and getting him something fancy. Plus, you’ll be the one he thanks when he gets those compliments on how polished he’s looking these days…

Electrical gadgets

Whether he always steals your phone charger, can’t get enough of listening to his favorite music, or is a keen photographer on the sly – there’s something for every tech savvy (and not so savvy) dad. Why not pick him up a new charger cable, treat him to some lovely new headphones or even blow the budget on a stylish polaroid camera?

Photo gifts

Does your dad adore the family dog and carry a picture around in his wallet? Or does he proudly display his wedding snap in his office? Why not put Dad in the frame and capture a gorgeous memory with a Boots photo gift, which can be printed on cushions, key rings, canvases and more.

Grooming gift sets

Male grooming doesn’t have to mean eyebrow tints and a touch of bronzer (but we applaud if that’s his thing!) so sneak a peek at his current grooming routine and top up his favorites. This could be a new shaving gel if his is running low, a skincare savior he’s had his eye on for a while or classic smellies for his wash bag.

Experience days

Does Dad fancy himself as the next racing superstar? Or maybe he wants to unwind with a nice meal for two. However, your dad loves to spend his time, why not create some lovely memories with him and give supercar racing, helicopter flying, or a West End show a go? Don’t forget to take a camera to capture those happy moments!