How to choose your sunglasses

Let's see safely in the sun


It is important to protect both your children's and your own eyes from sun damage, not just on sunny days, but all year round. When you're buying your sunglasses, you're likely to spend some time choosing a pair which looks good. But you also need to think about the level of UV protection you are getting.

You might also want to consider some additional features to help you see clearly and comfortably.

How much UV protection am I getting?

When light is reflected off surfaces like roads, water and windows, it can cause glare which can affect your vision and be distracting. Polarised lenses reduce this glare, making them useful in a number of situations.

They can:

  • Help you see clearly if you are driving, especially if the sun is low in the sky

  • Give you clearer vision during activities like fishing, skiing, or if you are on a beach

  • Help prevent your eyes feeling tired and strained in bright conditions


Could I benefit from lenses with a coloured tint?

All our sunglasses come with a tint, which offers UV protection and filters out bright light. The colour of the tint does not affect the level of protection but it can provide some added benefits. You can change the tint your sunglasses automatically come with to one which better suits your needs.

There are a number of options available but the most common are:


Green tints 

Many classic sunglasses come with a subtle greenish tint which is barely noticeable to the naked eye. This provides good colour contrast which helps give you more precise and comfortable vision.


Grey tints 

These have a dimming effect on bright light, while also providing sharp and crisp vision, without interfering with colour perception or contrast. They are great for activities like driving and running because they help identify obstacles on surfaces like roads.


Brown tints 

These add a slight brown tint to your vision which has a softening effect that makes it more comfortable to see in bright light. This helps your eyes adapt better when going between the outdoors and indoors.

Mirrored blue or silver tints 

These are popular, particularly in blue, because they add a stylish edge to sunglasses and give your look a fashion forward finish.