How to get over FOMO & make way for JOMO

FOMO could actually be holding you back but JOMO could make you happier

Are you the type of person who loves making plans and sticking to them, just in case something amazing happens and you’ve got it for the gram? Or do you make plans and love it when they’re cancelled at the last minute? Well one of them is FOMO and the other is JOMO – which one do you live by?

What is FOMO?

The fear of missing out – which is nothing new, most of us can experience it a lot of the time, but it’s when the guilt and anxiety starts to kick in is when it’s not okay. Ever feel like you’ve got so much going on you don’t know when you’ll find a minute for yourself? Or you’re really not in the mood to see anyone but you don’t want to cancel just in case? You’re not alone. But in reality, the majority of the time you’re not actually missing anything and making an appearance at every event could actually be stopping you from being your best self. Instead, try not making too many plans in advance and save at least one full weekend a month just for yourself – that way you can take the weekend as it comes and give yourself a little self care in the form of relaxing and doing your own thing.

Social media & FOMO

You’re scrolling through social media and there’s a constant feed of amazing pictures of people on holiday, laughing with their friends, getting engaged and holding their baby with the biggest smile on their face. Suddenly, you feel everyone else’s lives are so much better than yours. But what we all forget is that we have no idea what goes on behind the pictures you see on your feed. If you feel you’re struggling with FOMO here’s a couple of steps you can take to try and reduce this feeling...

Change your focus

Rather than focusing on what other people have (or pretend to have), focus on what you have. Try unfollowing any accounts that make you unhappy and make social media a place you go to experience joy. You can do simple things like following food accounts, dog accounts and nature accounts and hiding (rather than unfollowing), people who brag a lot or aren’t supportive of you.

Move away from posting

FOMO can also come in the form of not getting validation that you think others on your feed might get. So rather than always posting every time you do something and not getting as many likes as you’d like, save the pictures for yourself or create a diary to include your photos in and write each day what made you happy. If you do that for a year, looking back you’ll be surprised at how much you forgot – which in itself will also bring you joy.

What is JOMO?

The joy of missing out, which we can’t get enough of – so get ready to put your PJs on, get out your favourite snack and make way to chill because JOMO is here. JOMO is all about missing out and loving it. Think of the phrase “go hard and go home” and literally choose to go home (or at least find the balance). Every once in a while we all need to take a break or we’re in fear of burning out. So don’t make yourself available 24/7, put your phone on do not disturb and don’t say yes to every plan that comes your way. JOMO isn’t about disconnecting yourself from everyone though, not at all. If anything, it’s about reconnecting and really valuing the time you spend with loved ones and yourself. The guilt and anxiety that can come with FOMO is real, so it won’t disappear overnight. You’ve got to start small, take an hour for yourself each day to begin with – whether that’s taking yourself away and reading your book, taking a bath or going on a walk.

So get ready to say no to plans and spend some quality time with yourself.