How to look after textured hair

What everyone with textured hair needs to know

how to look after textured hair

Wavy, coarse, coily, frizzy, curly, kinky – however you describe your textured hair we have the need-to-know tips on how to look after it and get the most out of your gorgeous locks.

First off, what is textured hair?

Basically, textured hair is hair that’s not naturally straight. Textured hair has a curl to it, and they help create shape and definition to a person’s hair. But there’s not a one fits all, there are so many types of curls as no two heads of hair are the same. 

Textured hair is usually made up of three main types:

  • Type 2 A-C wavy - this is usually bendable hair that has a definitive ‘S’ pattern to it and can range from fine to coarse hair.
  • Type 3 A-C curly - ranges from loose, buoyant loops to tight, springy corkscrews with some sheen – they’re usually prone to frizz.
  • Type 4 A-C coily - usually very dry in texture and can be soft and fine, or coarse and wiry. The hair strands form very tight, small curls or zigzags right from the scalp – can also be prone to major shrinkage.

If you’re not sure what type of textured hair you have, check out our article on the different types of textured hair to get more in-depth detail. 

How to wash textured hair

Avoiding sulphates when washing textured hair is a must, even though sulphates are used to help strip your hair of dirt and products, that can also mean stripping your hair of moisture which is what textured hair lives for. So, look out for sulphate-free formulas in your hair care as they’re gentle and non-drying for textured hair, making them the perfect addition. When washing all types of textured hair, as well as using specially formulated shampoo and conditioners, you should also look out for a hair cleanser which helps you focus on your scalp rather than the locks to help remove product build up. 

Textured hair doesn’t need washing as much as straight hair because the twists and turns make it difficult for the oil to get down into your hair – yay! So, a good rule of thumb is to wash your textured hair once a week but focus on washing your scalp and moisturising your luscious locks. 

How to look after textured hair 

Looking after textured hair depends on which type you have – check back above if you’re not sure – but what they all have in common is needing that moisture. 

How to look after wavy hair

Waves for days needing some definition or added shine? Sometimes wavy hair can look and feel dry on the ends because the curls are loose – so if they’re in need of a refresh then try a leave-in hair product that can be applied in between washes. 

How to look after curly hair

Your big, bouncy curls deserve the best but we also know that tangles can sometimes get in the way, so add a detangling spritz to your girl gang before adding plenty of moisture.

How to look after coily hair

If you find your coily hair is prone to shrinkage and you’re lusting after stretched curls then you need to add heavy moisture leave-in products to your routine. Lathering your hair in lotions and potions full of nourishment will help combat your dry hair. 

How to style textured hair

Once you’ve washed your hair try to steer clear of the hairdryer or if you choose to style with a hairdryer than add a diffuser to the end, as without, your luscious curls can just blow into frizz – or in some cases more frizz! If you’re prone to frizzy hair, showering in water that’s too hot can make hair frizzy and dry. If you love the heat though, give your hair a quick blast with cold water before getting out the shower (eek!).

If you’re styling your hair in the morning and you haven’t washed it, avoid brushing as this can untangle your curls and make them frizzy. If you feel you need to run a brush through it, wet your hair afterwards and add a leave in mask that should add moisture and help your hair transform to dry curls.

Our top tips for textured hair

First things first, own the texture of your hair. If you love your frizzy hair then don’t feel pressure to use anti-frizz products, if you love the thickness of your hair then you don’t have to get it thinned out. We’ve given you the lowdown on all things textured hair, but here are some more useful tips:

  • Use silk pillow cases – this will help to ease frizzy hair and keep that bed head under control. If you don’t want new pillow cases, you can wear a silk head scarf to bed instead 
  • Hot oil treatments– try using one of these once a week, have we mentioned textured hair craves moisture?
  • Wash hair once a week – textured hair only needs washing and cleansing every seven to 10 days to help remove build-up of product that dry shampoo simply can’t get to. Washing it more than this can mean stripping hair of much need moisture and oils
  • Moisturise – day-to-day hair should be moisturised with natural oils, hair milks and shine sprays
  • Get natural– look out for products that have more natural ingredients in like shea butter and coconut oils as they’re rich sources of moisture 

Now go rock your gorgeous textured hair!