Caring for your children’s eyes

Top tips for looking after your child’s eyesight

Have regular eye tests

Regular eye tests are particularly important in childhood because they:

  • Check how well your child can see
  • Look at how healthy their eyes are
  • Help identify problems early to prevent them developing

Children usually have their eyes tested by a health visitor when they are a year old. It's advisable to check them again at about age three, when they are learning and developing rapidly, and then every year until they are 16.

Protect their eyes from the sun

Just like skin, our eyes need protecting from the sun.

Children's eyes are more vulnerable to sun damage because they have larger pupils and clearer lenses, and they tend to spend more time outdoors.

This means up to 80% of UV exposure happens before the age of 18.

UV is present even on cloudy days, so sun protection is important all year round.

Keep your kids eyes protected with our great range of kids sunglasses, which are available with prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Feed them a healthy diet

A balanced diet with a wide variety of fruit and vegetables will not only benefit their overall health, but will also help to keep eyes healthy. Vitamins found in foods such as oranges, peppers, eggs, dairy and nuts have the biggest health benefits for your eyes.